In addition to the cleaning of Air & Exhaust Ducts, we also supply and fit various related Products. These include the following.

Bullock Access Panels

Bullock Mfg Pty Ltd. Manufactures this high quality product for the air conditioning industry. Used as an easy re-sealable way of gaining access to rigid air conditioning ducts and conditioner housings for equipment maintenance and cleaning purposes. Equipment such as fire dampers, smoke and volume dampers, variable air volume units (VAV), duct heater coils and filters can all be accessible for compliance with building code standards.

Tested with fire dampers to AS1530.4 – 1997 to comply with AS4254 – 1995,
refer to figure 2.3 (F)

This product has been simply designed to ease of operation. Simply turn the galvanised steel sash cams provided on the panel to un-lock then remove from it’s frame.

Frame: Made from press formed galvanised steel 0.8mm – 1.0mm.

Panel: 2-piece press formed 0.6mm – 0.8mm galvanised steel.

Seal: 1 piece heat welded PVC compression gasket formed to ensure an airtight seal.

Locks: 2 or 4 galvanised steel sash fasteners. Combining a specially designed hook and cam system to give an airtight seal between the panel and the frame. Optional brass or stainless steel available as a special order.

Insulation: Thermal and acoustic 25mm fibreglass insulation is sealed air tight within the sandwich panel via the PVC seal.

Polyaire Airconditioning Products

Established in 1973, Polyaire has become a leader in the manufacture and distribution of Air Conditioning products in Australia.

With its Head Office in Adelaide, South Australia and 13 branch offices spread throughout Australia and thousands of products designed to service all aspects of the domestic and commercial markets Polyaire is truly the comprehensive and complete supplier to the industry. Polyaire is meticulous in its adherence to all current Australian and International standards.

Polyaire continues to show its commitment to the Australian market via long term programs for investment in new equipment, innovative product development and market expansion both in Australia and overseas.