Air Conditioning systems (Evaporators, Air Handling Units and Fan Coil Units) are an ideal environment for the prolific growth of mould and bacteria that will, over time, cause a Biofilm build up on cooling coil surfaces; insulating the metal fins, affecting heat transfer and allowing any airborne particulates to adhere to the coil, causing fouling of the coil spaces and the restriction of airflow. This Biofilm also acts as an incubator for biological contaminants that are continuously released into the building’s supply airstream, affecting occupant health and productivity.

A correctly engineered and installed high energy UVC system from ADEC Services will affectively eradicate all airborne pathogens while also removing the built up Biofilm and adhered particulates throughout the whole coil. After a short time this continuous coil clearing will return the performance of the air system back to its original designed parameters, chillers and fans will back off based on increased heat transfer and enhanced airflow, thus reducing the unit’s overall energy consumption. This ultimately results in an attractive ROI through energy and maintenance savings, plus a healthier and more productive indoor environment.

All systems installed are based on coil size to ensure the correct coverage of light on the coil. Systems will be installed using our “Easy Install” pole setup or a custom bracket setup which makes removal for any future maintenance a simple task. All ballasts have been tested and approved to meet Australian Electrical Standards giving you peace of mind that only quality products are used.


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