Why Do It

Have you ever sat at your desk and looked up at the Air Conditioning Vents, and found them covered in Dust? Do you find that whenever someone in the building gets sick, everybody seems to get Sick? Do you find foreign material and dust on you desk constantly?

All of these are perfect reasons to have you duct work cleaned. So often the air conditioning units are overlooked when it comes to general maintenance within an office or even home environment. Sure filters get cleaned but very rarely do the networks that carry this air through your office get attended to. We hear more and more these days about disease spreading through the air conditioning networks within an office environment. Think of this; An Airconditioning register sitting in the ceiling of an office is there to push air out. So often you can go to public air conditioned places, whether it be the office, the shopping centre, or even your local restaurant, look up and see dust collectioning on the edges of the vent. How does this dust get there? If air is always blowing out how can dust be settling on the edges? More often then not you will find that behind that vent is a larger network of dust and what you see is the portion of dust that has only got as far as the register. Take a good look and think, that if you are in the office you have breathed far more then that in!

Now this is the clean side of the business! We won’t even go into Kitchen Exhausts which if left unclean can be the fuel to a kitchen fire!

We have been in the Duct Cleaning Business since 1992 and over this time we have pulled all sorts of objects from air conditioning and Exhaust Duct Work. Deceased animals, dentist tools, cement, building material from first construction, as well as countless amounts of dust, lint and cooking fat. With all of this floating around within the duct work Cleaning alone is not enough to stop the spread of disease, fungus & bacteria.

This is why along with the cleaning of duct work, fans and Air Handling Units we use Environmentally Friendly Chemicals upon completion to sterilize the environment and assist in prolonging the life of the clean air environment.

With the wet and humid Summer of 2010 / 2011 throughout QLD it is even more important that Duct cleaning is undertaken. The weather has seen a major increase in mould build up within duct work and thus impacting on Workplace Health and Safety as staff and working conditions are impacted.

Regular system maintenance is also important as Asset Protection – you make sure your cars are serviced regularly to try and prevent major problems occurring and it is the same with air handling systems.

Also, now that the rules for smoking in workplaces, clubs etc has changed, it is important that ducting be cleaned to remove all contaminants in the system left behind by nicotine residue.